How to Use Pinterest for Your Etsy Shop

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Do you struggle when trying to figure out how to use Pinterest for your Etsy shop? Well, then this blog is just for you! In this blog I’m going to go over important key things when it comes to marketing your Etsy shop with Pinterest including setting up a business account, being an active pinner, gaining followers, and how to benefit from group boards.

You see, there are many online business owners that don’t realize that Pinterest is a dynamic marketing tool.  There’s a lot more to Pinterest other than DIY projects, recipes and home decor.  In fact, Pinterest is more like a search engine than a social network. Actually, it’s more like a combination of both.  I like to think that Pinterest is just like Google, except with pretty pictures and social features.

So, if you haven’t realized by now, if you’re not using Pinterest to scale your Etsy shop then you may be missing out.

Here are 8 tips to use Pinterest for your Etsy shop.

Sign Up for a Pinterest for Business Account

If your business does not already have a Pinterest for Business account then you can sign up for one at It’s completely free. With a business account you’ll enjoy benefits such as analytics, rich pins, promotion services, and buyable pins.

If you use Pinterest for personal purposes then I suggest setting up a separate account for your business. Unless you really want your followers to know what recipes and decor you like :).


Create Boards Related to What You Sell

Now that you’ve gotten a business account set up through Pinterest, the next thing you want to do is create boards that are related to things that you sell.  This is how you will gain followers. So, for example, say that you sell favors for bridal showers. You can create boards that are related to bridal showers.

Here are some examples of boards in that category:

  • Bridal Shower Favors
  • Bridal Shower Games
  • Bridal Shower Decor
  • Bridal Shower Ideas

Install the Pinterest Browser Extension

Now, before we even move onto actually pinning things to your boards, let’s make your life a bit easier by downloading the browser extension for Pinterest.

The browser extension is an awesome tool that makes it easier to pin things. To download the browser extension go to the Help Center and follow the instructions for downloading to your specific internet browser. Once it’s downloaded and installed then you’re ready to go! Any time you want to pin a photo from a certain page you can do so by hovering over an image and clicking on the red “save” button that will appear.  This comes in handy when you want to pin your products directly from Etsy or your ecommerce website.


Pin Other Content

It’s very important that you pin other content besides your own. If you are only pinning your items then you may not attract as many followers as you would when you pin a good variety of content.

With that being said, head on over to Pinterest and start pinning. Let’s say that you want to find things for your “Bridal Shower Games” board. Search for “Bridal Shower Games” in the search bar. Once you find a pin that you would like to add to your board click “save” and save it to your board.

Don’t forget to mix your items in with your other pins on your boards. For every 10 pins that are not your own pin 1 of your items. Make sense?


Add Descriptions to Your Pins

When pinning your own content or items from your website or selling platform, always check that you have a description of your pin.  Having a well written description will help your pin get found in search (this is called search engine optimization). So make sure that your description contains lots of keywords that describes what your item is.


Pin Frequently

It’s also very important that you stay active on Pinterest. You should pin things very frequently, at least 10 times a day, but no more than 50.  Pinning more frequently will have your pins show up in search more often, it’s as simple as that. The more active you are, the more people and attention you’ll attract.


Use Tailwind

Tailwind is an excellent app that autoschedules pins for you. You can sign up for a free trial which lets you schedule and publish up to 100 pins. If you end up liking the app then you can upgrade to the plus plan which is only 10 bucks a month!  If you use my referral link here then you’ll get a $15 credit towards the plus plan.

Using an auto scheduler like Tailwind saves me so much time and energy, and my followers are growing at a fast pace. At the time of writing this blog I have over 1,300 followers on Pinterest! 90% of my blog traffic now comes from Pinterest with the help of Tailwind.


Follow, Like and Share

Since Pinterest is kind of like a mixture between a search engine and a social media platform, one good way to attract followers is to follow other pinners, like their pins, and repin their stuff.  Follow boards that are relevant to the things that you sell. You can also grab attention by commenting on pins.

Remember that the more social you are, the more followers you will attract. And, the more followers you attract the bigger chance you’ll have of your products being repinned. Sounds simple, right?


Join Group Boards

Last, but certainly not least, one of the best tips that I can offer you is to join group boards. Group boards are boards that have many contributors.  Usually group boards will have thousands of pins, along with hundreds or thousands of followers.

Joining a group board is fairly easy. To find a group board to join go to and search for group boards that are related to what you sell. For example, I sell baby shower invitations so I will search for Baby Shower boards.

If the group board has openings for new contributors usually the information regarding how to join will be listed in the description above the board.

Screen Shot 2017-02-16 at 2.33.57 PM

Once you’re accepted to contribute to the group board you can pin things to the board including your content as well as other content related to the group board.


Hopefully these tips will help you get started on Pinterest. Is there anything that you’re struggling with when it comes to using Pinterest for your Etsy shop? Feel free to ask in the comments below 🙂

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