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Hey everyone! I’m SUPER excited to announce that I’ve created a Facebook group for all of us to join for networking, learning and growing!!

I’ve mentioned Facebook groups in a few of my previous blogs. Just in case you’re not familiar, a Facebook group is a group (duh) that’s dedicated to a certain niche or topic that you can request to be a part of. It’s basically an online community. Facebook groups are like my secret weapon for gaining knowledge about anything blogging or e-commerce related.


What can you expect from the Creative CEO?

First, you’ll be able to connect with many other amazing creative CEOs (Chief EVERYTHING Officers) just like you! You’ll be able to build connections, network, and collaborate with other like minded individuals.

I guarantee that you’ll also learn a TON about owning an online business. I’ll be sharing tips and resources regularly, and you’ll be able to get answers to all of your business questions (well, mostly all of them).

The best part? You’ll see that I’m a real person and not some random posting these blogs.  I would LOVE to do some Facebook Live sessions once there’s a good audience 🙂

So, what are you waiting for? Click here to join The Creative CEO Group!


Members will have to be approved by myself and I ask that everyone follow the following rules:

1. No Self Promotion
Please do not post your online shop or blog as a promotion. You can only link to it once in your introduction post.

2. Please do not start any follow-for-follow threads
The only promotional/follow threads allowed are the threads posted by Christina. If you have an idea for a daily or weekly thread then reach out to Christina at

3. Keep Things Positive
This group was created for networking, learning, and growing. Positive vibes only ✌️

4. Complete Your Follow Up
If you participate in any of our promotional/follow threads then you must complete the follow up no later than 3 days after the thread is marked as “closed”. I will personally check each and every thread to ensure all follow up has been completed.

*If you are found to be regularly breaking these rules, you will be removed from the group.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out at


See you there!

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