10 Tips to Improve the SEO for Your Etsy Shop

Improving the SEO for your Etsy shop is absolutely necessary to rank higher in search on Etsy, which will bring more traffic to your shop.  Search Engine Optimization has rapidly increased over the past decade or so.  To put it simply, SEO is a handful of strategies, techniques and tactics used to increase the amount of visitors to a website by obtaining a high-ranking placement in the search results page of a search engine including Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines.  Constantly improving your SEO can help more people discover your shop through search engines, which can ultimately increase your sales.  Many people believe that they have to higher a SEO specialist, or invest hundreds of dollars into a special SEO app, nonsense!  With proper SEO practices, you can improve sales and rank higher in Google searches for FREE!  Here are a few tips for increasing your SEO.


Use the Right Keywords

Before jumping into improving your SEO, you will want to pick out the correct keywords to include in your item titles, descriptions, tags, blog posts, etc.  To find what keywords/phrases to use for your products, you can use Google Adwords Keyword Tool.  To do this, search Google for the Google Keyword Tool and select “Search for new keyword and ad group ideas”.  Type in your product name, leave the rest of the information blank, then click on “Get Ideas”.  From there, you can see the types of keyword groups related to your product that are most often used.  You can also narrow your results by location if you are targeting a specific country.  You can also sort the keywords by the competition of the keyword and the average monthly searches.  It’s best practice to use a mixture of high, medium, and low competition keywords.  This way, all of your keywords do not have a high competition.

Another way to search for keywords is by using the Etsy search bar.  Type in your product into the search bar.  The search bar will automatically update and provide you with popular search terms related to the product you typed in, these phrases are excellent guidance for keywords. You’ll see in the example below, that I created Christmas cards for a pregnancy announcement, but I wasn’t sure exactly what to put in the title. When searching, I see that “Christmas Pregnancy Announcement Cards” is a pretty popular search, so I will use that to start off my product title.

10 Tips to Improve Your Etsy Shop SEO and Rank Higher in Etsy Search

Fill Out Your Shop Title and Announcement

Your shop title and shop announcement will help people find you through Google.  Your shop title can be 55 characters, max.  Use your title as a tagline, using a sentence or two with relevant keywords about your products.  The first 160 characters of your shop announcement are used by Google as a meta description of your shop page, so ensure that you are using relevant and popular keywords in this area.

Fill Out Your Public Profile

I have found that many Etsy sellers don’t have their personal profile filled out on Etsy.  Filling out this area can be very beneficial for SEO purposes.  Fill out your profile with 2 or 3 paragraphs about yourself and your shop.  Include the most important keywords within the first 160 characters of your profile.

Improve Your Shop Sections

If you have section titles in your shop you also want to make sure that you are using them correctly for SEO purposes.  Your shop section titles will also be landing pages on Google, so use keywords, avoid S P A C I N G to look fancy and don’t use special characters that aren’t necessary.

Improve the Titles of Your Listings

SEO primarily depends on your listing titles, descriptions, and tags.  Once you have your keywords into play it’s time to start fixing up those product titles!  The first 60 characters of the item description will be used as the title of a search result in Google, so it’s important to use the most popular keywords that describe your item first.  Also, don’t jumble a bunch of keywords into your item titles because this will confuse your customer and it’s bad practice for SEO.  Separate your short keyword sentences with commas or hyphens (-), this way the title is neat and organized.  You can use punctuation in your listing titles, this won’t affect your SEO, but try to avoid using many special characters to make your listing appear flashy because when you do this you are wasting valuable space!  One last thing – make sure you are using all (or almost all) 140 characters in your product title to gain maximum exposure!

10 Tips to Improve Your Etsy Shop SEO and Rank Higher in Etsy Search

Spruce Up Your Item Descriptions

Just like the item titles, you are going to want to improve the descriptions of your product listings.  The first 160 characters of the item description will be used as the meta data on a Google search result.  The metadata description tag is the 160 characters that appear under the title of the Google search result, so make sure that the first 160 characters of your product description is the most important, descriptive information.

Use Relative Tags

Etsy’s search engine uses all 13 tags to place your item within a search, so it’s important to use all 13 tags with great keyword phrases that buyers may be searching for your item.  The order of your tags does not matter.  It is said that using phrases rather than single words is better.  For example, it’s better to use the whole phrase “Baby Shower Invitation” as one tag than to use “Baby” “Shower” “Invitation” as all separate tags.

Another trick is to use your shop name as one of your keywords.  I say this because Etsy does not provide a search result for shop names.  If you use your shop name as a tag people are more likely to find you when searching Etsy for your shop name.


Backlinks are links posted around the internet that link back to your Etsy shop.  The more quality back links you have to your shop, the better your SEO will be.  When I say quality, what I mean is that it’s important to not have the link alone on some spammy website.  You want to include your link with meaningful content such as a blog post on a website or on social media posts.  Don’t waste your time and money by paying other people to provide you with backlinks.  In fact, this may hurt your shop in the end.  Google is constantly adjusting it’s search algorithm to avoid spammy content and websites.

Start Blogging

Another way to increase SEO is by starting a blog for your Etsy shop.  Having a blog is especially helpful when you want to increase your ranking on Google.  By having a blog and updating it at least once weekly you will significantly increase your SEO.  You can also use your blog to back link to your Etsy shop, so it’s like killing 2 birds with one stone.  

Review Your Stats

Go through your shop stats on a weekly or monthly basis.  Find out what keywords are bringing traffic to your shop and where the traffic is coming from.  Also figure out what keywords are not bringing traffic to your shop.  Replace the low traffic keywords with keywords and phrases that are similar to the ones that are bringing traffic.