Hello and welcome back to my mini tutorial series titled How to Start a Blog for Your Etsy Business. This is part 3 of the series which I will cover how to plan content for your blog.  If you’re just jumping into this series hopefully you already have a website set up and WordPress installed but if not, start by learning how to create a blog for your Etsy business.

Interested in following along for the entire series?  Be sure to bookmark this page and check back every Tuesday and Thursday for an update to the series. Here is the curriculum:

Part 1 – How to Start a Blog for Your Etsy Business
Part 2 – 5 Things You Should Do Before You Start Blogging
Part 3 – How to Plan Content for Your Blog (coming soon)

How to Create Content for Your Etsy Shop Blog

Brainstorming and planning content for your blog can be quite challenging sometimes.  After all, you do want to create content that will keep your readers engaged and coming back for more.  But, what happens when your mind draws a complete blank?  If you find yourself stuck in this situation you can refer to my 8 tips below!

Create an Editorial Calendar

First things first when it comes to any type of work, the best thing to do is to map it out.  Sit down and create a schedule for your blog, and a realistic one.  Figure out which days of the week work best for you to publish blog posts. Make sure you work your blogging schedule around your work and/or life schedule, and don’t try to overwhelm yourself.  Start out with a goal of posting 3 times a week and adjust the schedule as needed. Space the publishing days apart. For example, I post twice a week – once on Tuesdays and on Thursdays. I do this so I’m not scrambling on Monday morning to proofread and publish the post, I give myself the whole day on Monday to edit and revise. Then, I publish the post promptly on Tuesday morning.

Once you’ve got a set schedule down, you should start to create an editorial calendar. An editorial calendar is basically a calendar filled in with posts that you would like to publish on certain dates.  I’ve found that having an editorial calendar helps keep me focused and motivated to post new content. There is a nifty plugin for WordPress called WordPress Editorial Calendar, which I installed for my blog and use it as a guide.

 How to Plan Content for Your Blog

Create Ideas from Previous Blog Posts

If you’re stumped on finding new ideas for your blog you can always read through your previous blog posts to gather ideas. Linking to other content within your blog will help boost your SEO (search engine optimization). So, if you decide to create a new blog post make sure to link the new blog post in any previous blog posts that apply.  For example, in an older blog post I’ve written about using light boxes for product photography.  I can then create a blog post about making a DIY light box and link it to the older blog post. This tactic helps me in 2 different ways. I was able to come up with a new blog topic and it will boost my SEO.


Do Weekly or Monthly Posts

Another good idea for a blog post is to do a weekly or monthly post that’s the same topic. For example, you could do a “monthly favorites” blog which you talk about all of your favorite new items for that month. Or you could also do a monthly goals post where you write out what your goals are for the month. I lay out my monthly earnings and goals in my monthly earning reports.


Publish Seasonal Posts

Seasonal posts are great when planning out your blogging schedule.  Examples of seasonal posts include a recipe for Christmas sugar cookies, or a blog about how you decorate for the holidays.  Seasonal posts do very well when it comes to getting traffic to your blog!  Make sure you fill in all of your seasonal posts on your editorial calendar before your regular content.

Browse Pinterest for Ideas

Pinterest is an excellent resource for finding inspiring content to blog about.  Do a quick search on Pinterest for a topic that’s interesting and see what comes up!  But, remember not to copy other bloggers work. Make sure that your blogs are 100% original.


Participate in Facebook Groups

Joining Facebook groups that are related to what your business is or what you blog about is a great idea for planning content for your blog.  Participate in some of the discussions and gather ideas from what people are talking about.  Also check the group rules to see if the admins allow posting blog posts to the group because that would be an excellent way to gain traffic to your blog!


Engage With Your Readers

At the end of the day we all have to remember that we are writing blogs for our readers. Sometimes the best blog writing ideas can come from your readers. Ask your readers to leave comments on your blogs or allow them to reach out to you for any questions.  This way you could spark some ideas for new blog topics.

Outline Your Blog Post Idea

Once you’ve found the perfect topic to write about, start by creating an outline for that blog.  I always start out by writing my key points that I want to focus on, then I write down ideas directly below that key point.  I save the introduction and the ending paragraph for last because they are actually the hardest part for me to write!  Take a look at my sample image below for how I establish my outline.

How to Plan Blogging Content

I hope this post has inspired you to create some awesome content for your own blog! What other ways do you find that helps you come up with ideas for blogs? I’d love to know! Let me know in a comment below 🙂