How I Earned $175,897.37 Online In 2017

Happy New Year friends! Thank you for stopping by to read about how I earn a living online.

Just incase you’re new to my blog … Hello! I’m Christina 🙂 I’m a wife and mother of 2 girls and I live in New Jersey. I started an invitation shop on Etsy in 2014 and it went from a small hobby to a fulltime six figure business. I now sell my products on 3 different platforms.

Now that I’ve learned the ropes I want to teach others how to do it too.

I wanted to start off this years blogging calendar with my 2017 earnings report. I used to do these monthly between 2016-2017 but I thought it was a bit too much. I get too busy sometimes with my Etsy shop that I can’t focus on growing my monthly income. So I figured from here on out I would just do a yearly round up including what I made and from what sources.


Why am I doing an income report? Is this a scam?

I am doing this income report because I want to show you that making money online is possible. And I want to show you how I do it exactly. When I first started out selling online there was no beginners manual. I learned as I went and I want to share my information with the world as I learn it.

You can do it too!  Whether you’re a single mom, a college student, a military spouse, or even if you’re retired. It’s never too late to earn money online.

And I don’t want my earnings report to rub you the wrong way. Believe me when I say that I am not rich. I live in a 2 bedroom townhouse, I still have student loans and my husband and I both have credit card dept. We live comfortably, which is all I can ever wish for. I’ll get into the details of where the money goes later on in this blog.

Also, I promise that this is not a scam and I’m not lying. I’ll provide screenshots below of all of the revenue that I’ve made this year from each source of my income. I do not publicly list my business only for the fact that there are copy cats out there.


2017 Income Report

Okay so the moment you’ve been waiting for. Drumroll please 🥁

In 2017 I earned a grand total of $175,897.37.

Wow, just wow. Now here’s my face when thinking of where all that money went 🤔

Here’s the breakdown of each source of income.



Like I said earlier, I started my Etsy shop in the spring of 2014 selling invitations. I worked on it part time while working a full time real job.

I first started designing digital files of invitations. Then as money came in I invested in a small home printer and I began printing invitations. As that grew I saved up even more money and I purchased a commercial printer and paper cutting machines.

I was able to quit my job and go full time in January 2016. Etsy is my bread and butter. It’s the very foundation of where I began. I highly recommend using Etsy as a starting point for selling products online.


This year I made $123,377.87 selling on Etsy. Here’s a screenshot of the stats:

I earned 123,377.87 on Etsy in 2017


Zazzle is a print on demand type of service that allows you to sell your customizable art on their website and in exchange you earn a percentage fee that you set.

In all honesty I’m not too sure how I feel about selling on Zazzle, and I’m not sure if I will continue selling my products there. I say this only because I feel as if we (designers) are providing artwork to a company that makes a lot of money off of your designs and in return you get a small fee. Not too sure how I feel about it anymore  🤷

Last year I made a total of $10,515.63 selling on Zazzle. Okay on second thought maybe I’ll stick it out with Zazzle 😂

I can’t provide a screenshot of the Zazzle earnings only because it shows personal information, sorry!


Handmade at Amazon

Earlier this year I did take a chance with selling on Handmade at Amazon. Amazon has now taken on Etsy and now has a handmade marketplace which you can sell your products on.

If you followed my journey then you’ll know that I stopped selling on Handmade at Amazon for quite a few reasons. In particular, it just didn’t work out for the way that I work my business. The communication between the seller and the buyer is basically nonexistent.

If you’re a handmade seller I would still recommend trying Handmade at Amazon, but if you require a lot of communication from the customer then it may not work out.

I sold products on Handmade at Amazon between May and July and I earned $780. I know for a fact that some of those earnings were refunds though (due to lack of communication).


Amazon FBA

Although selling on Handmade at Amazon didn’t work out as I had hoped, I did take a chance at selling with Amazon FBA (fulfillment by Amazon) aka Amazon Prime.

I love selling on Amazon Prime. It’s so awesome. I just send in a bunch of finished products to their warehouse and Amazon is responsible for packing and shipping my products as they’re ordered. I highly recommend checking out Amazon FBA if you haven’t already. I plan on doing a full blog about selling with FBA.

Last year I made a total of $40,877.97 selling with Amazon FBA. Although that is a lot of money keep in mind that there are lots and lots of fees that come with selling on Amazon FBA, so not all of that is my total profit.

How I earned $40,877.97 selling on Amazon FBA


Amazon Associates

I’ve also earned a very small amount through a program called Amazon Associates. You’ll notice on some of my blogs that I link to products on Amazon and those links are affiliate links, meaning I would earn a small commission if you make a purchase on Amazon within a certain time frame. Keep in mind that the products I recommend are 100% honest recommendations and I’m not just throwing an affiliate link to earn money.


In 2017 I earned $345.90 with Amazon Associates.

How I earned $345.90 with Amazon Associates


Where the money goes

While you might have an image in your mind of me rolling around in money, living in a 5 bedroom house, driving a Cadillac, it’s actually quite the opposite.

According to my expenses I spent nearly $50,000 in supplies alone. 

I find that as my business grows and grows I get more and more expenses. It just amazes me how fast the money disappears. 

Believe it or not I have almost $15,000 in credit card debt that I hope to really focus on paying off this year.


Plans for 2018

Now that 2017 has come to a close I’m now starting to shift my focus to my goals for 2018.

This year I’m really focusing on releasing my first e-book as well as a hard copy book that you can purchase from Amazon. This is a project that I’ve been working on for years. I would work on it and then give up on it. I would think to myself “no one is going to like my thoughts and advice” or “this looks like trash”. Then I would let the file sit. I literally have 2 different books half way designed that I just gave up on. Third time is the charm, right?!

My goal is to have both versions released by April 10th, my 28th birthday.  Wish me luck!

I also want to focus on paying off credit card dept. my husband and I both have a combined dept of over $20,000 and I’m hoping I can pay off at least half of that by 2018. 🙏


How you can start

This all wouldn’t have been possible if I hadn’t started my Etsy shop in the first place. I would be stuck at a miserable desk job with a terrible micromanaging general manager, I would be making the same lousy paycheck every two weeks, and I wouldn’t have the freedoms to do what I want and when I want.

My challenge for you this year is to start now. Open a shop on Etsy if you have not already. I’ll even give you a 9+ page sample of my upcoming e-book that shows you how to open an Etsy shop. Click the link below to download it 👇

I also include a link in the freebie that gives you 40 FREE listings on Etsy when you open your shop.

I hope that this post has inspired you to work on your goals for 2018. Please drop a link in the comments below to tell me about your goals. Cheers 🥂