Looking to earn extra income online by starting an Etsy shop while working full time? Well, there’s a few things to consider before opening your shop.  Balancing an Etsy shop while working full time can be challenging, and if you have kids to devote time to then it can sometimes be a nightmare!

But have no fear, I started an Etsy shop while working full time and it has since turned into a 6 figure earning business. I’m so grateful that I have been able to quit my full time job to become a full time seller.  It’s been almost 4 years since I’ve opened up my shop and I’ve learned so much along the way. There’s many things I wish I would have considered before opening my shop. With that in mind, here are my 7 tips for starting an Etsy shop while working full time.

Find the Time

Before you even open an Etsy shop or list your first product you should figure out if owning an Etsy shop is right for you.  Prior to opening my Etsy shop, I had no idea how much time that I had to invest in my shop.  There’s a lot of factors such as creating products, photographing them and writing descriptions.  On top of that you have to spend time learning other things that apply to your shop such as improving the SEO in your Etsy shop.  Looking back I really had no idea how I juggled a full time job, school, being pregnant, and owning a busy Etsy shop.  Actually, I did have some help from my husband 🙂

Set Goals

Why do you want to open a shop on Etsy? Do you want to earn extra side income? Do you dream of quitting your full time job to become a full time shop owner? Remember this reason for starting your shop.  Write it down.  Don’t ever give up hope and believe that you won’t reach your goal one day.  Having a future goal will help keep you focused when you’re busy out of your mind between your full time job and your Etsy shop.  And, don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t achieve a successful online business!

Don’t Overwhelm Yourself

Another important thing to remember while starting an Etsy shop while working full time is that you shouldn’t overwhelm yourself. It’s great to have over 100 products in your shop, but don’t pressure yourself to create that many products if you don’t have the time to do so.  Setting unrealistic goals can set yourself up for failure.  Instead, slowly build your shop up. Owning a shop on Etsy is a big learning process, so it might be better to slowly build up to see what works and what doesn’t work for your shop.

Enlist Help

Like I stated earlier, my husband helped me out a lot while I was working full time and running my Etsy shop.  If you have a few people that you can lean on when things get touch, you’ll be golden.  Ask for help from a spouse or your children.  Teaching business skills to your children is a great learning experience for them!

Take a Break

If all of your resources are tied and you’re feeling a bit too overwhelmed with your shop, don’t be afraid to take a break.  Put your shop on vacation mode.  Vacation mode is where you can shut down your shop temporarily. Your listings will become unavailable and you can still communicate with your customers. You will not be penalized for putting your shop on vacation mode just as long as you are still fulfilling orders on time and communicating with your customers.

Research, Research, Research

There are a lot of Etsy sellers out there that run their shop blindly.  There are so many resources available online that will help you grow your business.  Find some spare time to devote to learning different things about owning an Etsy shop such as improving your product photography.  Pinterest is an excellent resource for a lot of tips for selling on Etsy. I’ve set up a board filled with all Etsy Seller Tips.

Invest Back Into Your Etsy Shop

Finally, if you’re still working full time and you own a shop for extra income, I would really suggest investing some of that income back into your business.  You could start purchasing supplies in bulk, or sign up for an online course that involves selling on Etsy. You could also invest in different machinery to help improve your workflow.  The more that you can invest in your shop now will pay off in the long run.


7 Tips for Starting an Etsy Shop While Working Full Time