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Fun fact: When I first started selling online I used stamps to “pay” for my postage on the packages that I was sending out. Yes, stamps. I would send out packages with 6 to 7 Forever Stamps stuck to them.

Cue the dying laughter 🙈

Mind you that this is was in 2010, a bit before all of the online shipping tools that we have access to.

Thankfully things had changed by the time I joined Etsy in 2014. But, even still, I found that shipping packages was a bit time consuming.

Does the following scenario sound familiar?

*presses “print shipping label” button
*printer makes odd noises while warming up
*label prints out on paper
*cuts label down with scissors
*throws out excess paper
*tapes all 4 sides of the label to the package

… then you realize that you’ve got 5 more packages to ship out 🙄

Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Here are 5 reasons why you should invest in a DYMO 4XL printer for your business.


The DYMO 4XL Saves You Time

The main reason why I purchased the DYMO 4XL Printer was to save myself time. When I first started selling on Etsy I would print the label on a 8.5×11″ paper, cut it down to size with scissors, then tape all four sides of the label to the package.

So time consuming.

Eventually I upped my game and purchased Avery shipping labels which I could use to print 2 labels on one sheet of paper. This worked for a while, but I still had to wait for my printer to calibrate before it would print the labels. 

With the DYMO 4XL everything is like, instant. Seriously, the label prints instantly. Then I rip the label off the machine, peel the backer off of the label and stick the label to the package.

Done. Onto the next.


The DYMO 4XL Saves You Money

Secondly, although it’s a bit of an investment upfront, I promise that if you purchase this printer you’ll be saving yourself money in the long run. When it comes to printing labels from an inkjet printer you have to factor in the pricing of ink. I’ve heard of some people paying over $200 just to replace all of the ink cartridges in their printer.

The DYMO 4XL is a thermal printer, meaning that the label is produced by using a heat technology. That’s right, this means no ink is required for the 4XL. Let me repeat, no. ink. required. Ever.

You’ll also save money on shipping labels with the DYMO 4XL. Currently, the price for 200 Avery shipping labels is around $16.00, or about $.07 per label. If you purchase the DYMO compatible labels through Amazon then the cost of 880 labels is $29.99, or about $.03 per label.

Just a fair warning that using labels that are not considered a DYMO brand can void your warranty if anything were to happen to your printer. I’ve never had an issue with the labels mentioned above.


The DYMO 4XL Labels are Waterproof

One of the major drawbacks of printing shipping labels on an inkjet printer is that if any water gets onto the label it could smear or smudge the ink. This could cause the tracking code to become unreadable, or even worse, the delivery address could become unreadable. Rain happens a lot, and if you’re printing your labels on an inkjet printer then this may happen to you.

Thankfully you won’t have to worry about this issue with the DYMO 4XL! Labels printed with the DYMO printer are absolutely waterproof due to the thermal technology used to print them.


The DYMO 4XL Produces Less Waste

It’s always a great thing to be environmentally conscious. There is so much less waste when it comes to using the DYMO 4XL. You don’t have to cut away excess paper AND you don’t have to waste so much ink. #winning 🙌


The DYMO 4XL is Easy to Set Up and Install

Finally, I have to say that installing and using the DYMO 4XL is quick and painless. The only advice I want to give you is that if you purchase the DYMO 4XL please don’t use the driver that’s given to you in the package (the CD driver). Instead, download the correct driver from the DYMO website directly. For me, the CD was outdated, causing a lot of label sizing issues.

Just follow the prompts to set up and make sure you change your shipping label settings on Etsy to print on a 4×6 label.

So, in closing, I’ve seriously had zero complaints about the DYMO 4XL printer since I’ve purchased it. If you take a look at the reviews on Amazon I’m sure you’ll see all of the positive reviews as well.

If you do decide to purchase the DYMO 4XL let me know what you think in the comments below! Or feel free to comment if you have any questions about the DYMO 4XL, I’d be happy to help if I can!

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