10 Tips for Preparing Your Etsy Shop for the Holidays

It’s officially November! Soon, the Halloween decorations will be packed away and buyers will start flocking online to start buying gifts for their loved ones.  Now is the time to really start cracking down.  If you haven’t done so already, it’s best that you start preparing for the holiday rush now.  Here are my top tips for prepping your Etsy shop for the holidays.


Review Your Inventory

Take the time to gather up and tally all of your inventory.  Do you feel that you have enough products to last through the new year?  If your shop was around during the holidays last year then you might have a good idea of how much inventory that you should stock this year. But, if you’re new to the game this year then you might have to use a good judgmental guess.


Create It, List It. Create It, List It.

While you may be tempted to create items in bunches and list them in bunches, you may find it easier to create and list items as you go along.  This method, in my opinion, is a lot less stressful as you won’t be pressured to list 100 different items at the same time.


Organize Your Space

I’m not going to lie, I’m a messy person. But, when the holidays start approaching I get my butt in gear and I make sure that my office is organized.  This involves filing away all of my business receipts, organizing my shipping supplies, and getting rid of the excess clutter.  I also like to do a deep cleaning which is when I will dust everything and vacuum the entire room, then I will light a nice candle on my desk and get back to work.

Prepare Your Etsy Shop for the Holidays

Stock Up on Shipping Supplies

Take a minute to do a quick inventory of your shipping supplies.  You don’t want to be stuck by not being able to ship packages because you’ve ran out of packaging tape.  I buy most of my shipping supplies in bulk off of Amazon, including packaging tape and Dymo shipping labels(I will link to all of my shipping supplies and machines at the bottom of this post).  I’ve found white boxes for cheap through Staples and I get padded poly mailers for free from the USPS.  Also, if you haven’t purchased a Dymo label printer by now I highly suggest that you do so before the holiday rush! Dymo label printers are such a time saver and can really speed up your shipping time.


Establish Order Cut Off Dates

Establish order cut off dates, which are dates that customers must order by in order to receive their items before Christmas Eve.   List your cut off dates in your shop announcement and each individual listing.   Also, give the arrival date some wiggle room just incase the USPS is sluggish due to the holiday rush.


Add Express Shipping Options

There are many customers who wait until the last minute to order gifts, which is why it’s important to add shipping upgrades to your products.  You can add shipping upgrades to each of your shipping profiles, which are located under your shipping settings on Etsy.


Review Your SEO

Now is also a very good time to review the SEO on all of your listings.  Add some holiday tags to some of those listings such as “stocking stuffer”, “holiday gift”, “gift for teacher”, etc.  Double check each listing to ensure that you’ve used all 13 tags.


Spruce Up Your Photos

While reviewing your SEO, also take the time to spruce up your product photos.  If you have products that will make great holiday gifts then perhaps you can take new photos of your items with a little holiday touch such as a snowy background or a ribbon wrapped around the item.


Adjust Your Processing Times

If you feel that you are falling behind with your orders then perhaps you should consider adjusting your processing times.  You may also want to list your processing time in your shop announcement and I also find it helpful to message each and every customer a generic message after they purchase explaining the turnaround time.


Take Time for Yourself and Family

Although the holidays can be very hectic for shop owners, it’s very important to set aside time for yourself and your family. If you feel as if you’re getting in over your head, don’t be afraid to put your shop on vacation mode for a few days so you can catch up.  You can even give yourself a mini holiday vacation by setting a cut off time and putting your shop on vacation for the week of Christmas or the new year. This way you don’t have to worry about your shop as you’re spending time with your family.


I hope that this blog has helped you prepare your Etsy shop for the holiday season. Happy Holidays to you and your family!


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