10 Things to Make and Sell on Etsy

Do you have a crafty side that you would like to turn into a side hustle, or perhaps a full time business? If yes, then have you considered selling on Etsy? If you haven’t heard of Etsy, it’s basically like the holy grail of handmade and vintage items selling platform. In this blog I’m going to discuss 10 things to make and sell on Etsy.

There are 1.6 million sellers on Etsy. Some sellers make and sell their craft to earn a side income, and then there’s some sellers like me who are so very fortunate to earn six figures a year.

That’s right. It’s absolutely possible to earn a full time income selling things on Etsy. I was able to quit my corporate career in graphic design to pursue my own ventures and it’s been awesome.

Owning an Etsy shop is definitely a learn as you go experience. I fully intend to create an online course one day, but if you’re interested in opening your own Etsy shop feel free to check out my 15 Etsy tips for beginners.

But, before you go and open up your own Etsy shop, what should you sell? There are seriously so many things that can be made to sell on Etsy so let’s jump in.


Sell What You Love

Before I start listing a bunch of ideas that you can spring off of, I truly believe that you should sell what you love to make.

I know, you’re probably saying, “well, duh” but you’d be surprised at how many people don’t focus on selling things that they love to make. Instead, many people focus on making things that they think will make them the most money. And, don’t get me wrong, making money is a great thing, but selling things just to make money will become daunting and will leave you feeling unfulfilled, trust me. Plus, you’ll most likely fail.

With that being said, take a moment to think about things that you would love to make and sell on Etsy. For me, I’ve always had a great eye for graphic design, specifically print design. It only made sense for me to try out designing marketing materials such as business cards, logos, etc. That venture eventually led me to designing stationairy for baby showers, bridal showers, etc. I found that I have such a strong love for this type of design and that’s what drives me every day.


Clothing or Quilts

If you’ve got a passion for sewing, why not consider selling your own line of clothing on Etsy? Baby outfits are especially popular. I myself have purchased outfits for my 1 year old daughter including her “big sister” announcement outfit.

Even if you don’t know how to sew custom clothing, you can create clothing products by using a heat press machine. In this case you can design your own clothing designs, print them with a sublimation printer, and then press it with a heat press.

I also believe quilts and custom bedding are big sellers on Etsy. Yes, quilting takes a lot of energy and time, but the payoff is worth it in my opinion. Check out the nautical bedding set that I purchased for my daughter, I absolutely LOVE it! I purchased the quilt and matching pillow from Lovesewnseams.

10 Things to Sell on Etsy


Knitted Items

If you have a knack for knitting then good news for you! Knitted items are a great seller on Etsy. The great thing about knitted items is that there are a lot of different items that you could make such as scarves, hats, and even outfits! I purchased this knitted mermaid outfit for my daughters newborn photos.


If you’re familiar with graphic design programs such as Photoshop or Illustrator, you could consider selling custom stationary.  This could range from anything such as birthday cards, invitations, cute paper products, etc.

You can choose to sell digital files of your stationary products, or you could outsource some of your work to a professional printer to offer physical printed products.


Bath and Body Care

Another popular option to sell on Etsy are bath and body items. This can range from candles, body butters, bath bombs, even makeup! All natural products are extremely popular right now. The only thing about selling bath and body care products is that you have to be extremely transparent about listing the ingredients used to create them for allergy purposes.


Holiday Decor Items

I think that anything decor related is a great seller on Etsy, but holiday decor items sell extremely well. You could create wooden block decor, fireplace garland, or even pillow covers. Custom Christmas ornaments are also a great seller.

And, believe it or not, holiday decor sells during any time of the year. I’ve sold pumpkin related items in February, so don’t think that holiday items only sell well during certain seasons.



Did you know that Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher purchased their wedding rings off of Etsy?! That’s right, handmade jewelry is a popular item to make and sell on Etsy. And, if you sell something truly unique you can make some decent money (and possibly sell to a celebrity).

There are tons of different jewelry that you could sell on Etsy, including custom charms for bracelets, rings, beaded bracelets, or stone earnings. The options are endless.

Just a fair warning that jewelry is a very saturated category on Etsy. So make sure that your items stand out and are 100% unique.


Wedding Related Items

Etsy is a very big market place for anything wedding related. In fact, bridal and wedding season happens to be one of my busiest times of the year.

You could sell bridal shower or wedding decor or favors. Invitations are also very popular. even wedding hair accessories. Etsy has a whole category for all things wedding related that you can check out here.

10 Things to Sell on Etsy


Baby Accessories

I honestly had no idea that baby accessories sell so well on Etsy! Girls hair bows especially.  I’ve actually purchased a few recently.  So, if you love making pretty bows out of ribbon then selling baby accessories may be in the cards for you!


Printables and DIY Projects

This idea also ties in with stationary, but I believe it’s a different category itself. With the rise in custom planners, printable items have been gaining popularity. Machines such as the Cricut make creating stickers and planner accessories very easy.

You can also create other DIY printables such as tags for gifting, party favor tags, coloring pages, etc.


Well, hopefully the above 10 product ideas have helped you decide what you’d like to sell on Etsy. If not, then maybe I can help you brainstorm. Leave a comment below with what you love to make, or what you have a true passion for. We’ll figure this out together 🙂



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