10 Reasons Why You're Not Getting Sales on Etsy
So you’ve listed your first product on Etsy and opened an Etsy shop. You’ve spent countless hours figuring out the shop dashboard and browsing Pinterest for tips for your shop but you can’t seem to get one. Single. Sale.
OR your shop has been having lots of sales over a long period of time and then suddenly it seems like you’ve hit a brick wall. Sales are barely trickling in now.
I’ve been there. It sucks, especially when Etsy is your full time job and you’ve got 2 little mouths to feed. When hard times hit it’s time to get down to business and work your way back up. 
If you find that you’ve been struggling with achieving sales on Etsy then check out these 10 reasons why you may be missing out on sales.

Your SEO Is Slacking

SEO (search engine optimization) is something that I preach about … a lot. If you aren’t focusing on using popular keywords in your product titles, description, and tags then a lot of customers may not be finding your products at all!
SEO sounds like a complicated subject, but it’s really not. I’ve dedicated an entire blog all about SEO for your Etsy shop. I even include a FREE workbook that you can download too. Check out The Ultimate SEO Guide For Etsy Sellers.


Poor Product Photos

Another reason why you may not be getting sales on Etsy is because your product photos aren’t very appealing. 
When customers type in a search term and search for products they will be presented with tons of choices and the first thing that they will see is a thumbnail of your product. 
Is your product photo bright? Does it catch the eye? Does it include distracting items that take away the detail of the product? Is it a high resolution photo?  Is it modeled? 
All of these things should be taken into consideration when working on your product photography. If you don’t have an attractive thumbnail of your product then customers are just going to scroll right past it.

Not Enough Reviews or Bad Reviews

Let’s face it, reviews are one of the major factors that buyers consider before purchasing. If you don’t have any reviews just yet then that may be why you haven’t had much sales. 
Unfortunately people are just so dang busy with their lives they just forget to leave a review or they might not know how to leave a review!
Here’s how to fix this: with every order that you receive I want you to write a hand written note to the customer personally thanking them for supporting your small business. Then kindly ask if they could leave a review when they have the time. By using this strategy you should see some reviews rolling in.
You can also follow up with every customer by emailing them a week or so after they’ve reccieved your product. Ask them if they were satisfied with the product and if there’s anymore you can do for them. Then again kindly ask for a review. Remember not to be too pushy though!


Not Enough Detail

One of the major mistakes that I notice in product descriptions is that the descriptions are NOT descriptive at all!  Seriously, would you buy a tshirt if you had no idea what material it’s made out of or what size it is? Probably not! When you’re listing products for sale pay attention to every detail about your product and list it in the description!
Material, size, weight, colors, etc.
Also include details for your processing and shipping times, this is super important. 
Add anything else that you consider important to your details section.
As many sellers know, a lot of customers never read the description. Etsy has made it challenging for the customer to even see the details. What’s my solution to this? I create an image that lists all of the details and I use that image as one of my photos! You can create an image for free at Canva.com.


Having a sweet price point is obviously a main factor when it comes to achieving more sales. If your product has a higher price point from another seller with the same product then customers may be purchasing from that other seller instead.
The same applies if your price point is too low. If your price is extremely low compared to other sellers then customers may think that your product is too cheap or that there may be a “catch”.
Check out my pricing guide here.

Long Turn Around Time

If your products take a long time to create or if you’re constantly backed up with orders and your turnaround time is longer than a week then you may be losing sales because of that one reason.
Due to the popularity of the 2 day shipping that Amazon now provides, people are becoming less and less patient. 
I once purchased a hand painted bible cover on Etsy and her turnaround time to make the product was 6 weeks! But then the seller took an additional week to create it and so I waited over 7 weeks to receive the product. It was supposed to be a gift for my goddaughter and it was way too late when I got it. I was so disappointed and I’m usually a very understanding person.
Rant over. But do you see? A long turnaround time like that left me disappointed and I wish I had purchased a gift elsewhere. Hopefully you’re not losing sales because of your turnaround time.


Not Enough Products

There’s a general rule floating out there that says once you have at least 100 items in your shop then your sales will be more steady. I’m not sure that 100 is the exact number but the point of this “rule” is that the more products you have for sale then the more sales you will get.
Makes sense, right?
While I know it’s not possible to create 100 products overnight, I definitely recommend brainstorming new products constantly. Never settle. Always be on your toes thinking about the newest trends and how you can apply them to your products to expand your product line. 


You’re Not Renewing Your Listings on a Regular Basis 

Another thing that factors into your SEO is your product renewals. Whenever you receive an order your product renews and is listed again (if you have it set up to automatically renew). Etsy’s search engine views renewals as a good sign that you’re selling items so it will list your products higher in search results.
There’s actually a way to “trick” the system by renewing your products on a daily basis. You can manually renew products by going to your listings, checking off which ones you would like to renew, and click on “renew”. Keep in mind that it costs .20 for every time you renew a product.
OR if you’re like me and don’t have time for that shit in your life you can set up automatic renewal with a program that is dear to my heart, Etsy on Sale. Etsy on Sale is a program that offers automatic renewal and it’s super low on cost with a credit based system. Click here to try it out with 10 free credits which would give you a month free of automatic renewal.
Be sure to keep an eye on your Etsy bill though, those renewal fees add up quick!

 Time of The Year

Keep in mind that slow traffic and sales could just be related to the time of the year. All major businesses feel a slump during the summer time, and that’s because a lot of families go on vacations and aren’t necessarily spending money on other things.
Sales usually pick up during the holiday season, but it really depends on what you sell. For me personally the holidays are slow and it’s because no one is focused on planning baby showers or bridal showers. So really take a step back to evaluate what your market is and you may be able to figure out why sales are slow for particular times of the year.


As each year comes and goes I’ve noticed that there are A LOT more sellers on Etsy. I have much more “competition” now than I used to. This leads to competition offering lower price points or better incentives to purchase their product over yours.
The best way to handle competition is to just stand out on your own and offer something truly unique. Something that you believe no one else could replicate.
Or you could just continue to pump out as many products as you can.
Don’t feel bad about competition undercutting you or the fact that they offer a better product. Focus on you and your business only, not your competition!
I hope these tips help you achieve more sales on Etsy. Selling on Etsy is a constant puzzle and there’s never 1 right way to go about achieving more sales. Do you have any tips for achieving more sales on Etsy? If so list them below in the comments 🙂