10 gift ideas for etsy sellers
Does anyone else start their Christmas/holiday shopping in September or is it just me?  🙈  Seriously, I’ve completed most of my kids Christmas shopping and it’s not even Thanksgiving yet.
Being an Etsy seller myself there is always something on my Amazon wish list related to my business. Are you looking for a special gift for an Etsy shop owner? Maybe you want to give someone a gift they can use to start pursuing their own business? Maybe you just want to treat yo self. I currently earn 6 figures a year on Etsy and it all started with just one computer. Yes, one computer! Crazy, right?!
So with that in mind, here are 10 gift ideas for Etsy sellers.


Believe it or not, you can run your entire Etsy business from a smartphone or tablet. But let’s get real, that shit gets super annoying after time and we’ve all run into instances where we just need a desktop computer (or laptop).
I’m a graphic artist so having a desktop computer is absolutely necessary for my business. I have to use programs that require a lot of space and I need a ginormous canvas and an iPad isn’t enough.
So, desktop computer or a laptop? In most cases a laptop will do just fine. If the person enjoys going out to coffee shops to work then a laptop would be perfect. Like I stated before, I need a giant canvas, so laptops are not big enough for my standards and I enjoy my 27″ screen even though I’m “grounded”.
PC or Mac? I have used PC computers my entire life, up until the age of 23 when my husband (then boyfriend) gifted me the iMac of my dreams. I will never go back to a PC again. In my experiences PCs are just slower, attract a million viruses and just … suck SO bad. I’ve had my iMac for 4 years so far and it’s still as fast as the day I first plugged it in.
Sorry if you’re a PC lover, don’t hate me 😧

A Tool or Machine to Help Grow their Business

I recently did a survey on a Facebook group that a lot of Etsy sellers belong to and I asked what is on their list this year. The majority of the members responded with machines that could help grow their business.
A cricut machine was the most popular answer. I have to admit that I have no idea what a Cricut does exactly, but it seems to be the thing to do!
Sometimes there are computer programs or memberships that could really help grow a business. A good example would be Adobe promgams. Adobe has all kids of creative programs for all types of creative people from photographers to graphic designers.


I’ll be the first to admit that my life is absolute chaos. Having two kids, a dog and a business is rough for both myself and my husband. Sometimes we double book appointments or totally forget about project deadlines. That’s when a planner really comes in handy. 
Yes, an actual physical planner. Sorry Apple, but a digital calendar just ain’t working for me for some reason. I’ve heard a lot of good things about the Brilliant Life Planner
Now that I’m thinking of it, planners seem to be really “in” right now.

Online Course

Some of the most important things in life and business are not taught in a classroom. Instead, you can find a mass amount of information online for just a fraction of the cost of college courses these days. This would be an amazing gift for someone who is just starting their adventure on Etsy or Amazon Handmade.
Jami from the Handmade Journey started her blog right around the same time I did and now offers a program that focuses on growing Etsy Shops and Amazon Handmade businesses for as little as $14.99 a month. 

DYMO Label Writer

This DYMO 4XL Label writer was downright one of THE BEST things that I ever purchased for my business. This machine is a magical tool. If the person you’re shopping for happens to ship at least 1 to 2 packages a day then I would suggest looking into this nifty machine. That is, if they’re printing out labels on their home printer and cutting/folding them and sticking them on packages with tape.

This DYMO printer can actually save you a ton of money in the long run. This thing doesn’t require any ink or toner! It just requires these labels which can also be purchased for cheap on Amazon as well.

Coffee Machine

Does this certain person enjoy coffee or tea while they work? Then consider gifting a new Kureg machine. I couldn’t imagine working without my hot tea. These machines are totally awesome and worth every penny.


Amazon Prime Membership

An Amazon Prime Membership is essential for running an online business. Especially if it’s for a shop owner who wants to spend more time crafting new products and not wasting their time in line at Staples. I purchase most of my shipping and packaging supplies from Amazon, including:


A Desk or Workstation

I recently designed and assembled my own workstation in my office and I am in LOVE! I have so much room to work now that I have a whole room dedicated to my business. I purchased desk tabletops, legs and drawers from the Ikea Linnmon collection. The result is amazing and the cost was VERY inexpensive. The desks don’t feel cheap and they are all white which is my favorite. The drawers are especially helpful for storing odds and ends like my packaging tape and tissue paper. I hope to write a whole article about my home office soon, but half of my home office is also a storage area and kids playroom which is filled with toys so hopefully I can get that cleared up soon.


A Professional Camera

A professional camera is also a great gift giving idea for a crafty Etsy seller. Let’s face it, smartphone photos are okay but can’t compare to a DSLR camera photos. Being able to showcase beautiful product photos gives someone a step up in the game. A DSLR Camera  such as a Cannon EOS Rebel T6 can provide excellent quality photos when paired with a 50 mm camera lens.


A Lightbox

Another product that’s helpful for capturing amazing photos is a lightbox. A lightbox is usually a small portable kit that includes lighting and backdrops for showcasing products. Perfect for photos that look professional and not cluttered.

What are some of the things that are on your wish list currently? Let me know in the comments below!